Most of the eight sub-sections of the research programme will result in one or more publications at the end of 2021.The Dutch researchers will frequently publish articles and books in both Dutch and English. The Indonesian research group will issue its own publications and will work with Dutch colleagues to contribute to collections of articles.

A compendium of the research programme will also be published. Rather than being a definitive historiography of the period being studied, this compendium is a summary study based on the most important findings and results of the sub-sections of the research. The compendium will endeavour to answer the most important questions about decolonisation policy, violence and war; with a focus on (the clarification of) Dutch military action. Ample attention will be paid to the historical, political and international context, and the aftermath of the war. The compendium will be the product of a collective scientific process. It will be written by KITLV director Gert Oostindie and several researchers, in cooperation with an editiorial board which represents the eight research projects. The compendium will be published in Dutch, Indonesian and English.