The results of the research programme Independence, Decolonization, Violence and War in Indonesia, 1945-1950 will be presented on Thursday, February 17, 2022. Read more about the presentation here. The eight substudies of the research programme will result in twelve separate publications on various aspects and themes, such as the bersiap period, politics and justice, intelligence services, international diplomacy and developments in different Indonesian regions.

A publication that summarises and provides an overview of the research programme will also be published. This overview will contain the key findings and results of the substudies. It will also seek to answer the key questions regarding the decolonisation policy and the violence and the war, with a focus on the explanation of Dutch military operations. Ample attention will be given in this regard to the historical, political and international context and to the aftermath of the war. The overview will be the result of a collective academic process. It will be co-authored by Gert Oostindie and a dozen of other researchers representing all constituent projects.

The studies will be published in both digital (open access and e-book) and book form and are intended for an academic and a general audience. These books are published in Dutch by Amsterdam University Press and Walburg Pers. The overview and four substudies will also be published in English. Three of the works, among which the overview, will also be published in Indonesian.